This section contains practical tools and documents to guide cities and communities, in the process of becoming child friendly. The materials available are grouped as follows:

    • CFC Framework for Action to implement children’s rights in cities and other local government systems
    • Checklist (format PDF – 115 KB) to guide CFC Builders in developing and monitoring activities
    • Building Blocks to develop a Child Friendly City. The Building Blocks are steps in a process aimed at implementing children’s rights locally. A set of examples drawn from ongoing CFC and CFC-type processes are provided to illustrate how each Building Block can be developed in practice
    • Good practices to document innovations and successful strategies in Child Friendly Cities
    • Indicators/criteria developed in different countries to define and award child friendly cities and communities
    • Tools produced in different countries to achieve the fulfilment of the CFC Framework and to support municipal administrations and other interested actors in the process of becoming child friendly

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