EXAMPLES- A Regular State of the City’s Children Report

  • The CFC Secretariat has gathered a number of examples of regular State of the City’s Children Report at both local and national levels of government, and from low-, middle- and high-income nations.

Each example includes the following documents:

    • A worksheet describing the project (accessed from the CFC Database)
    • Other documents, such as publications, guides, reports and strategies, developed by the project (when available)
    • A project review prepared by the CFC Secretariat, based upon in-depth documentation of the project and developed on the basis of a standard research protocol (when available)
    • Tools developed by the project (when available)


CAMINA – Citta’ Amiche Infanzia e Adolescenza (Child and Youth Friendly Cities)



Full details

Data base on-line (www.camina.it) in Italian language


Child-Friendly Movement, CFM



Full details

DOCUMENT 1: Child 21, A Legacy to the Filipino Children of the 21st Century, Philippines National Strategic Framework for Plan Development for Children, 2000-2025

PROJECT REVIEW: Child-Friendly Movement

Mainstreaming Child Rights in Local Development Planning, a Guidebook
What Barangay officials can do to set up a child-friendly locality
Parameters (see doc. philippines_cfmovement.pdf)

Christchurch City Council Youth Strategy



Full details

PROJECT REVIEW: Christchurch City Council Initiatives, New Zealand

Consultation Examples: In the CCC website there is an alphabetical list of projects where children have been consulted with to seek their perspectives in areas that effect them (see http://www.ccc.govt.nz/ChildrensStrategy/)

Città sostenibili delle Bambine e dei Bambini (Sustainable Cities for Girls and Boys)



Full details

DOCUMENT 1: La guida alle città sostenibili delle bambine e dei bambini

PROJECT REVIEW: Città sostenibili delle Bambine e dei Bambini

Data base on-line (http://www.cittasostenibili.minori.it/) in Italian language

Ciudades Amigas de la Infancia (Child Friendly Cities)



Full details

DOCUMENT 1: Fundamentos del Programa

DOCUMENT 2: I Certamen sobre Derechos de Infancia y Política Municipal

DOCUMENT 3: Guía de Buenas Prácticas sobre Planes y Consejos de Infancia en el Ámbito Municipal Español

PROJECT REVIEW: Ciudades Amigas de la Infancia

Indicadores municipales de aplicación de la Convención sobre los Derechos del Niño
Ciudades Amigas de la Infancia PPT (see CAI2.ppt)
New protocol for the municipalities to be ‘prized’ or recognized as CFC (see protocolo_reconocim.pdf)

Growing Up in Cities



Full details

DOCUMENT 1: Creating better cities with children and youth. A manual for participation

PROJECT REVIEW: Growing Up in Cities Programme

Appendix 1: Data collection guidelines (see “Creating better cities with children and youth)

Imagine Chicago



Full details

DOCUMENT 1: Imagine Chicago. A Chicago Case Study in Intergenerational Appreciative Inquiry

DOCUMENT 2: Imagine Chicago. Citizen Leaders: Inspiring Community Innovation

DOCUMENT 3: Cultivating Hope and Imagination



Document 1: imagine_chicago.pdf

    • Different phases of each pilot project (pag. 3)
    • Imagine chicago citywide interview questions (pag. 4)

Document 2: imagine_chicago_article.pdf

  • List of some practices and tools for the development of hope (pag. 9)

Document 3: imagine_chicago_citizenproject.pdf

  • Community innovation guide (see pag. 3)

Document 4: imagine_chicago_tenyears.pdf

    • Imagine Chicago’s key organizing principles (pag. 9)
    • How to: Appreciative Inquiry Questions (pag. 14)
    • Sample invitation lette letter (pag. 15)
    • Intergenerational interview questions (pag. 15)


Local Development Programmes


Full details

DOCUMENT 1: Social management with a child rights perspective in Santander de Quilichao, Department of Cauca

PROJECT REVIEW: Local Development Programme (LPD), Colombia

Parameters (see doc. colombia_plan_action.pdf)

New Zealand’s Agenda for Children. Making life better for children


Full details

DOCUMENT 1: First call for children. Waitakere City Council

DOCUMENT 2: Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa, New Zealand

Action area 7: Enhancing information, research and research collaboration relating to children 
(see nzagendaforchildren.pdf pag. 30)
Appendix 6: Further information on research gaps relating to children (see nzagendaforchildren.pdf pag. 53)
Youth development needs good information (see strategy_aotearoa.pdf, pag. 12)

Office of the Children’s Rights Commissioner for London


Full details

DOCUMENT 1: Sort it Out! Revisited

DOCUMENT 2: The state of London’s children report



Full details

DOCUMENT 1: Making sense: Playwork in practice.

DOCUMENT 2: Play as culture. Incorporating play in cultural strategies

Parameters (see play_indicators.pdf)


  1. Play Indicators
    Uploaded By: Faustini Patrizia

Programa Prefeito Amigo da Criança (Child Friendly Mayor Programme)


Full details

DOCUMENT 1: Guia Prefeito Amigo da Crianca

PROJECT REVIEW: Programa Prefeito Amigo da Criança (Child Friendly Mayor Programme), Brazil

Mapa da Crianca e do Adolescente 2001
Parameters (see brazil_projeto_abrinq.pdf)

Sistema de informacion local – SIL (Local information system)


Full details

SIL – Sistema de informacion local (PPT)

The National Children’s Strategy


Full details

DOCUMENT 1: City of possibilities: Youth viewpoints. Report of Dublin City Youth Seminar, Croke Park – May 2002

National Longitudinal Study (see nationalchildrenstrategy.pdf, pag. 39)
Children’s Research Programme (see nationalchildrenstrategy.pdf, pag. 40)
Better Information Systems (see nationalchildrenstrategy.pdf, pag. 40)
Child Wellbeing Indicators (see nationalchildrenstrategy.pdf, pag. 40)
National Children’s Research Dissemination Unit (see nationalchildrenstrategy.pdf, pag. 41)
Child Impact Statements, 41 (see nationalchildrenstrategy.pdf, pag. 41)
National Children’s Advisory Council (see http://www.nco.ie)

UNICEF Certificate: approved municipality


Full details

PROJECT REVIEW: The UNICEF-Municipal Seal of Approval, Ceará, Brazil

Parameters (see brazil_unicef_certificate.pdf)