EXAMPLES- Children’s Rights Unit or Coordinating Mechanism

EXAMPLES- A Children’s Rights Unit or coordinating mechanism

The CFC Secretariat has gathered a number of examples ofchildren’s rights institutional framework at both local and national levels of government, and from low-, middle- and high-income nations.

Each example includes the following documents:

  • A worksheet describing the project (accessed from the CFC Database)
  • Other documents, such as publications, guides, reports and strategies, developed by the project (when available)
  • A project review prepared by the CFC Secretariat, based upon in-depth documentation of the project and developed on the basis of a standard research protocol (when available)
  • Tools developed by the project (when available)


The National Children’s Strategy


Full details

DOCUMENT 1: The Children’s Rights Alliance

DOCUMENT 2: Appointment as Ireland’s First Ombudsman for Children

County and City Development Boards (CDB’s) (see nationalchildrenstrategy.pdf , pag. 96)

Social management with a child rights perspective in Santander de Quilichao, Department of Cauca


Full details

PROJECT REVIEW: Social management with a child rights perspective in Santander de Quilichao, Department of Cauca

Comisaria de Familia receives complaints regarding intra-family problems, including child abuse, and facilitates reconciliation of these conflicts.
Personaria Municipal has an oversight function with regard to local government expenditure, government action and the functioning of government officials.

München, Stadt für Kinder (Munich, City for Children)


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Clear focal points with an ‘ombuds-function’ (Kinder Buero): The Children’s Office is co-ordinating all initiatives of the ‘City for Children’ programme. Clear efforts are made to make this office accessible to children and youth. Children themselves can come up with ideas to make Munich more child-friendly, questions about things of their concern, complains about certain situations, etc. Parents and other adults can also initiate ideas.

Growing up in Tilburg


Full details

Youth ‘Ombuds-point’. The Youth Ombuds-point is a point where children and young people can refer to when they need information or assistance from municipal services. It is not only meant as an ’emergency’ service. It is supposed to be an accessible and recognisable service that actively promotes participation by children and young people.

Commission for Children and Young People Act 2000.


Full details

Civic Youth Strategy for West Vancouver


Full details

Establishment of a Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) and the Library’s Youth Advisory Group. YAC was established by Mayor and Council in 1987

Children’s Rights Commissioner for England


Full details

DOCUMENT 1: Office of the Children’s Rights Commissioner for London

Child 21. A Legacy to the Filipino Children of the 21st Century


Full details

Making London better for all Children and Young People. The Mayor’s Children and Young People’s Strategy


Full details

DOCUMENT 1: Office of the Children’s Rights Commissioner for London, UK

DOCUMENT 2: Children and young people’s participation in decision-making in London

DOCUMENT 3: Draft guide to preparing play strategies. Towards the provision of safe and attractive play spaces in London’s neighbourhoods

DOCUMENT 4: Guide to preparing Open Space Strategies. Best practice guidance of the London Plan

PROJECT REVIEW: Children and Young People’s Strategy, London, UK

Children and Youth Peoples’ Unit (see london_strategy_full.pdf pp. 28, 38, 42 and following)