Child-friendly-community Initiative in Austria

The Child Friendly Community Initiative (“UNICEF Kinderfreundliche Gemeinde”) in Austria was created in 2013 and is run by the Familie & Beruf Management GmbH (FBG) in partnership with UNICEF Austria. The FBG is a governmental organisation owned by the Federal Ministry of Family and Youth, which functions as a service-, networking- and coordinating institution for family-work balance and family friendliness in Austrian communities and enterprises.

The Child Friendly Community Initiative is part of the “Family-Friendly-Community audit”, an offering specifically addressed to villages, market towns and cities aiming to identify existing family-friendly measures in these municipalities and to drive further development. With the involvement of all generations, a project group develops individual and needs-oriented initiatives to increase the family-friendliness. The towns and villages participating are awarded a quality label by the Family Ministry upon completion of the audit.

The Child Friendly Community Initiative aims to guide Austrian cities and towns in the inclusion of children´s rights as a key component of their policies and programmes, as well as to create room for the democratic participation of children and youth in the development of their municipality. The UNICEF- child-friendly-community certificate “Kinderfreundliche Gemeinde” is awarded for particular child-friendly engagement.

Currently, there are already 130 Austrian municipalities participating in the initiative. The whole project cycle in each municipality takes six years. At the beginning of the cycle the coordinating body does a comprehensive analysis of the municipality’s structure and child rights situation. In this context, seven subject areas relevant to child rights are addressed:

• participation
• child-friendly administration and politics
• health
• leisure
• family and school-based care
• safety
• education

The municipality then uses the results of the analysis to develop an action plan with the participation of children and youth. During the three years of implementing the action plan the municipality is closely monitored and supported by the FBG. At the end of the implementation period the municipality is awarded with the UNICEF-child-friendly-community certificate, which is valid for three years. After this project cycle the municipality can extend the process for another three years, following the same procedures as in the first round.

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