Child-friendly initiatives in Bhutan

The Bhutan Country Office has recently implemented a series of national child-friendly projects, including a Child Friendly Schools (CFS) initiative and a Child & Youth Participation programme. The CFS initiative aims to ensure that all children in Bhutan have access to quality education. It was launched in 2006 and will be implemented across the country by 2012. The initiative includes a school self-assessment, using a set of child-friendly indicators developed after a consultative process which has involved schools children themselves. The Child & Youth Participation programme, which started in 2008, aims to ensure that children’s rights are incorporated as an integral part of good governance. The key activities of the child-friendly strategy in Bhutan are: promotion of child friendly legislation; creation and strengthening of child participation; strengthening of protection systems; improvement of overall awareness on children’s rights; strengthening of civil society and NGOs.