The Children and Youth Parliament of Georgia
To foster youth development and participation in the decision-making process, UNICEF continued to support the Children and Youth Parliament of Georgia. Since its inception the last two years, the project has become a forum for children and young people to express their views, provided opportunities for skill-building in governance, and a venue for awareness raising on the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The young parliamentarians have established close co-operation with the legislative and executive authorities and have actively participated in high-level discussion of child-related issues. During its two plenary sessions held in July and in November 2001, the young parliamentarians invited the Ministers of Health, Education and Environment to identify concrete areas how and where young people may be able to get involved in addressing various youth-related problems. Members of the parliaments actively participated and made their views heard in various important meetings dedicated to the formulation of a youth policy in the country. Moreover, the young parliamentarians actively participated in discussing the draft law on “Protecting minors from harmful influence” and proposed amendments that were considered by the National Parliament during the final deliberation. The group worked closely with the Parliament’s Committee on Human Rights in the elaboration of and deliberation on the law on children.
The Imereti Children’s Forum has brought together up to 250 youth from the Imereti region of the Wester Georgia. The programme has been functioning for eight months and many useful inititatives were established as part of this programme. Among these the Kutaisi Municipality created the project “Child” which hopes to implement the recommendations of the “Imereti Children’s Forum”.


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