The Kawasaki City Ordinance on the Rights of the Child Kawasaki City Council (only Japanese) (English version)

The Kawasaki City Ordinance on the Rights of the Child was passed by the Kawasaki City Council unanimously on December 21, 2000 and has been carried out since April 1, 2001. This ordinance is based on the ideologies of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified by Japan in 1994. Based on the notion that only the National Government, but also local governments should bear responsibility for securing the rights of children in daily life, Kawasaki City, since the ratification of the CRC in 1994, has taken progressive measures to enlighten citizens on the issue of child human rights whilst simultaneously networking with local organizations. In accordance with this ratification, Kawasaki City documented a new ordinance so as to facilitate comprehensive measures taken towards children and improve the present conditions of children’s rights. The new ordinance focuses particular attention on the development of public measures in favour of children, programs carried out in schools and child welfare facilities, and relations between children and adults in the household and local community. For this purpose, the Ordinance is divided into two parts: the first set of the provisions defines the rights of the child and the philosophy of the Ordinance and the remainder provides for how the rights of the child should be guaranteed through what kind of mechanisms. Local citizens, academics and public servants participated in a great number of meetings and discussions concerning children’s rights in the making of the draft ordinance. The Task Force for the Coordination of the Deliberations on the Ordinance on the Rights of the Child and the Expert Committee on the Ordinance on the Rights of the Child had held more than two hundreds meetings as well as consultations with the residents and children for nearly two years, resulting in the formulation of the draft outline of the Ordinance that was then submitted to the Mayor. The Ordinance is considered to be the first comprehensive local ordinance on the rights of the child in Japan.

Download the Kawasaki City Ordinance on the Rights of the Child (76KB PDF)

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