The Greater Amman Municipality

The Greater Amman Municipality began implementing the CFC approach in 2004 by establishing an Executive Agency for a Child Friendly City which oversees the implementation of programmes for children and ensures inter-sectorial coordination at the local level. Later the document “Policy and Priorities for Children” was developed through a participatory approach. It provides a holistic strategy to improve children’s life with a focus on the areas of health, protection and safety of children, culture, informal education/school drop outs and child built environments. Awareness raising, capacity building and child participation have been strong elements all throughout. To ensure child participation, 4 Children Municipal Council (CMC) were established through an election process where approximately 29,000 children participated. Recently, the CFC Executive Agency lobbied against and prevented the approval of a law which would have excluded non-Jordanian Children from the municipal council elections. The plan is to extend the councils and the CFC activities to the twenty-seven districts of the Greater Amman Municipality.