In Malaysia a community-based initiative has been developed to promote child friendly environments in Malaysian cities. The Malaysian Child friendly Cities Initiative is a complement of the International Child friendly Cities Initiative, which works towards helping to translate the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) into concrete actions that can be implemented at the local level by anyone. In September 1996 a National Conference on the Rights of the Child was organised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference resulted in raising serious concern about the quality of life of the urban child, and culminated in a national level workshop in July 1997. The workshop concluded with concrete proposals on how to improve the socio-economic environment of children, addressing issues that arise within the home, school or community space, as well as the safety and health of urban children. Out of these deliberations there emerged the ‘Malaysian Charter on Making Urban Areas Child-friendly’, and its associated ‘Ten Strategic Actions’ that are aimed specifically at urban local authorities. There also developed from this initiative an important child-friendly survey instrument that involved the participation of children in assessing their own urban environments as to how child friendly their neighbourhoods may be, called the ‘Children’s Report Card’. The Initiative has also commissioned the compilation of action-oriented activities that are presented in a user-friendly book called ‘Ideas for Action: Making Urban Areas Child-friendly ~ A Sourcebook for Community Initiatives in Malaysian Cities’.