The Child Friendly Community Initiative
Since 2002, 750 communities have become involved in the child-friendly community initiative in the northern states of Sudan. The strategy, promoted by UNICEF, consists of supporting communities to develop self-managed projects for women and children. Emphasis is placed on capacity building and empowerment of the community, as well as on partnership. Local committees are established to plan and support the projects that contribute to the development and regeneration of the community. Examples of projects recently implemented within this framework are: the establishment of small scale productive projects in 57 communities to promote income generation activities in the Gedaref State; the construction of 18 classrooms to increase basic school enrolment and one new rural hospital in North Darfur State; and the establishment of electricity power systems in North Kordofan State where the local community development committee mobilized local resources. The Initiative has inspired the Integrated Community Recovery and Development (ICRD), which takes the CFC approach to a larger scale, by involving a wider range of partners, including the government, UN agencies, NGOs and community leaders to build sustainable services for the communities. The three key components of the approach are: community capacity building and empowerment, integrated delivery of basic services, and technical support by the local government.

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