Syrian Arab Republic


Strategy for a Child Friendly Aleppo

The city of Aleppo is in the process of starting a CFC initiative. In July 2009, the city hosted the 5th Conference on Youth and Children in MENA, which was combined with a training course on CFC, conducted by the CPI Initiative of AUDI. A consultation with children was then held to collect children’s views on their city. The results of the consultation – to be followed by one with parents – will contribute to the development of a Strategy for a Child Friendly Aleppo (2010-2025). The steps envisioned for the process are based on the 9 ‘building blocks’ and include: implementation of pilot projects; conduction of participatory research; advocacy and communication; networking; development of guidelines (indicators and standards); capacity building of different stakeholders including children; legislation and legal reform; and monitoring and evaluation. Key initiatives of the strategy include: development of local plans of action; creation and strengthening of child participation; establishment of monitoring mechanisms on children’s rights; child-friendly budgeting; improvement of overall awareness on children’s rights; capacity building; strengthening of institutions, civil society and other stakeholders.


Mr Mohamad Kanawati, UNICEF’s Adolescent Development and Participation (ADAP) Project Officer


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