Child Friendly Cities

In 2006, UNICEF Ukraine started the Advocacy, Information and Social Policy program. It involves working with the government and civil society to help develop child-friendly policies and norms, establish a transparent and efficient monitoring system for child rights and empower young people to get to know and enjoy their rights. To achieve these goals a number of activities are being implemented. Among these initiatives is the introduction of a Child Friendly City governance model to improve the quality of social services, protect vulnerable children, introduce the participation of children in decision-making at the local level and the allocation of resources to benefit children and families with children. Other activities include the development of a comprehensive child rights monitoring and advocacy system and assisting the government of Ukraine to develop and implement the National Action Plan for Children.

As a result, four local administrations have established Child Advisory Councils to advise the local government on issues concerning children and youth. Furthermore, six cities are working towards the introduction of the Child Friendly City governance model.


Initiatives from the past:

Youth Friendly Cities

In 2000, a ‘’Mayors of Ukraine meeting for the Youth Friendly Cities’’ took place: Mayors from 35 Ukrainian cities, representatives of youth organisations and mass media took part in the Mayors meeting to develop local plans of action and observe best practices.

Young People’s Health and Development (YPHD) programme

The Young People’s Health and Development project is directed towards promoting healthy lifestyles among young people and helping to develop innovative new approaches for ensuring young people’s health and development rights. The project is based on youth participation strategy. It promotes the development of Children’s Parliamentarian Movement in 15 cities of Ukraine, and the establishment of the Children’s Information Radio Agency in five cities. The Ukrainian network of about 40 Youth NGOs working on the issues of prevention, reproductive health, HLS promotion has been established jointly with UNFPA. The RUB Meeting on Youth Participation was conducted in Kiev for thirty partner organisations to conceptualise methodologies, approaches and best practices on youth participation in three countries. The Resource Package on Youth Participation for RUB is now being developed to be published in the year 2002. Ukraine participated in the Regional “Young Voices” Opinion Survey of Children and Young People. The results were launched in the Parliament of Ukraine for parliamentary committees with an interest in several affairs. It was also shared with all main state, civic counterparts and mass media.
More than 1,500 works from more than 250 mass media representatives were submitted for the 2nd All-Ukrainian Award on Child’s Rights, which aims to concentrate mass media attention on the issues of children and youth and to raise public awareness on child’s rights. Mass media play a particularly important role in mobilising society towards protection of children’s rights and interests, and in changing its attitude towards the problems of children. The training of mass media for the promotion of children’s rights should be continued. UNICEF supported the publication of the Parents Guide for Grade 1-4 on healthy life-styles which has been introduced in Kiev schools. The YPHD project is starting to work more closely with the system of education, promoting policies to ensure that all children and young people have access to and remain in adolescent-friendly schools.