Provincial Child-Friendly Programme

The Viet Nam UNICEF Country Office has recently launched the “Provincial Child-Friendly Programme”. Partners of the initiative are the Provincial Peoples’ Committees, the Department of Planning and Investment, the Women’s and the Youth Unions, the Ministry of Planning and Investment and other government departments in the health, education, water and sanitation sectors. The programme aims to: 1) mainstream child rights in the sub-national Socio-Economic Development Plans (SEPDs); 2) implement integrated services in health and nutrition, education, water and sanitation, child protection and injury prevention. Key strategies of the initiative are: capacity building for the delivery of better quality social services by local authorities; documentation of actions to show effectiveness and promote replicability; communication and participation aiming to increase the overall level of awareness about children’s rights and the participation of children and youth in local-level planning; and finally monitoring and evaluation of the programme.

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