The Child Friendly Movement (CFM) in the Philippines is a multi-partnership network of communities, local and national governments, as well as the private sector, NGOs, religious communities, and the media to meet children’s needs and realize their rights. The CFC Movement envisions a child friendly city/community as one that pursues and ensures child well-being. It is a strong political force that influences the socio-political agenda for children and youth.

Cities and municipalities commit to delivering four gifts to children:

Local Development Plan for Children (LDPC)
Local Investment Plan for Children (LIPC)
Local Code on Children (LCC)
Local State of Children Report (LSCR)

In addition, 24 goals have to be fulfilled, as defined by the Philippine National Strategic Framework for Plan Development for Children formulated by the Council for the Welfare of Children. The goals are expressed in terms of indicators to attain health, nutrition, education, protection and participation of children in socio-cultural and development activities. The fulfillment of these goals is the base to be acknowledged as child friendly through the institutional Presidential Award. The list of indicators is monitored through computerised monitoring systems.

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