The Child Friendly Municipality initiative, promoted by UNICEF Switzerland since 2004, aims to implement the rights of the child at the local level. The certification process starts with the completion of a questionnaire by the interested city. The questionnaire provides a snapshot of the degree of child friendliness of the city and gives details on the availability of services for children in different domains. After the questionnaire is reviewed by UNICEF Switzerland, municipalities decide whether to commit to becoming child friendly and, for the purpose, they have to foster children’s participation to improve the town’s conditions for children and at the same time develop a plan of action ensuring better services for children. The certification lasts four years but a mid –term review is conducted after the first two years.

The questionnaire includes several key indicators, formulated in terms of questions, which determine the availability of services for children in the following areas:

Main characteristics of the city;
Intercity cooperation;
Development strategy;
Management and policy for children;
Preschool education;
Primary education;
Secondary education;
Vocational education;
Full/half-day stay of children in school/preschool institutions;
Protection of children and youth;
Residential zone,
Environment and road traffic.

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