Reducing Urban Health Disparities in Nigeria: Lagos State Investment Case

UNICEF Regional Director David Gressly and the Lagos State Government launched the Lagos State Investment Case document, identifying disparities in the Nigerian healthcare system—especially in urban areas. The case states that Nigeria’s maternal and under-5 mortality rates are among the highest in the world, and urban slum dwellers among the most vulnerable subpopulations within the country itself.

The document has three key recommendations which are 1) Bringing the health system closer to the communities, 2) Bringing the communities closer to the health system and 3)Ensuring the quality of health services with additional resource needs articulated at $8 per capita in the first year up to $19 per capita in the 9th year.

Sara Beysolow-Nyanti, Chief of the Lagos Field Office, says this commitment from the Lagos State government has yielded some “fabulous” initial results including: the placement of a health sector coordination mechanism for monitoring purposes, efforts towards private sector collaborations, and greater fiscal commitments from the state in reducing health disparities.


Source: UNICEF Nigeria Country Office.


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