Child Friendly Cities Summit 2019

From 15-18 October 2019, UNICEF and the City of Cologne hosted the first international Child Friendly Cities Summit in Cologne, Germany. The Summit brought together more than 600 participants from more than 180 cities and communities, including mayors, local leaders, technical experts, children and young people to discuss innovative approaches to advance child rights through local commitment and to identify and exchange good practices at the local level.

More than 180 cities and communities have signed the Summit’s outcome document, the Cologne Child Friendly Cities Mayors’ Declaration.The Declaration is open for signatures for all cities and communities globally that are committed to child rights and creating inclusive, participatory and child-friendly cities and communities.

The Mayors’ Declaration is built on a manifesto called “Our cities. Our lives. Our future” presented in the Summit by children and young people. More than 120,000 children and young people from more than 160 countries contributed to the creation of the Manifesto, in which young people call for mayors and local leaders to create cities that are safer, more inclusive, healthier and greener.

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Resources from the 23 technical sessions and plenaries are available on the Resources page.