Launched in June 2019, the first-ever CFCI Inspire Awards celebrate good, innovative and inspiring solutions or projects that foster child rights at the local level and improve the daily lives of children and young people in the cities and communities where they live.

The call for applications closed on 15 August 2019 and out of the hundreds of fantastic written submissions received, a total of twenty entries from across 6 categories were selected by a Technical Review Panel to move on to the next stage-the public online voting.

Tell us who you think should win in each category by voting for your favorite CFCI entry! The results of the online votes, combined with the scores received from the Technical Review Panel, will determine our winners. The awarding will take place on 17 October at the global Child Friendly Cities Summit in Cologne.

This is what you have to do:

  1. Identify a category you would like to vote in. Note that you can vote in as many categories as you want, but you can only vote once per category.
  2. Watch all the videos in that category.
  3. Vote for your favorite entry!

To guide in your selection, bear in mind the following criteria that makes an entry an Inspire Awards winner:

  • Demonstrated results: How successful has the project/solution delivered concrete and measurable results for children?
  • Creativity and innovation: How were new and emerging concepts and ideas incorporated in the CFCI solution/project to implement the Convention on the Rights of the Child at local level?
  • Replicability: How easy and appropriate is it to replicate the CFCI solution/project in other contexts?
  • Conformity and integration of CFCI guiding principles: How has the project/solution employed an integrated approach in applying the five CFCI Guiding principles.

We count on you to make the best choice! Vote now and spread the word to your colleagues and to the rest of your community.

For any questions, please contact the CFCI Inspire Awards secretariat.

Category 1: Meaningful child participation

Children’s city council

The objective of the project Children’s City Council Opatija is to allow the greater participation of children in society. Here are the results of the dedicated work of child councillors.

Budget for schools

Vinnytsia -The city for children and by children. We believe in children’s dreams. We make those dreams come true by funding the best students’ projects from the city budget.


With the “Spielleitplanung”-project, Regensburg showed successfully how child friendly urban planning and development can be done with youth participation to create a child friendly environment.

Children Innovate

Children Innovate is a co-creation platform in which Companies and Organizations invite their young Workers and Children to propose solutions to their existing problems using design thinking & 3D-prototyping.

Anthill Camp. One week as adult

…real life education, community thinking, teamworking, community participation… These activities are increasing the children’s participation in the society. This camp is an early step in getting into local life.

Category 2: Non-discrimination and equity

A protagonist in every child (aProCh)

Offer children the opportunity to reclaim the spaces in your city! Get inspired with the simple initiative aProCh, to see how your city will come alive with children’s laughter and joy.

Local itinerary for children adolescents and participation

The local itinerary for adolescent and children participation towards conviviality is a great tool to generate encounters between very diverse children; they get together, share experiences, ideas and solutions to their problems.


Petits:pas is a program which promotes equal opportunities and inclusion for children and families in Geneva.

Category 3: Child-friendly social services

Integrated interventions monitoring using the new technology of information

This video presents the work of 27 Community animators and 3 Community Health Workers in the Municipality of Baro which resulted in providing 2989 children aged 0 to 59 months with birth certificate and 995 with health center notebook.

Social Education for Children and Adolescents

The Council of Torrelodones (SPAIN) presents the video of its project “Social Education for Children and Adolescent” under the category of Child-Friendly Social Services (CFCI Inspire Awards Unicef 2019).

Baby Friendly City Project

The emirate of Sharjah (UAE) is the world’s first ‘Baby-Friendly City’. Breastfeeding is at 57%, exceeding the global target. Families enjoy baby-friendly workplaces, nurseries, health facilities, and public spaces.

Category 4: Safe, secure and clean environments


With the “Spielleitplanung”-project, Regensburg showed successfully how child friendly urban planning and development can be done with youth participation to create a child friendly environment.

I’m City

This video reflects the power of children as agents of the change in our city. It shows the achieved objectives and how this project reaches the accomplishment of the CRC.

Social Innovation Clubs Project

Social Innovation Club project was created to equip adolescents among 14-18 y.o with 21st-century skills and promote active citizenship to tackle child-related challenges and contribute to making their communities safer, cleaner and more livable.

Category 5: Family life, play and leisure

Paulista Aberta

Paulista Aberta, a transformation led by people, transforms eight traffic lanes’ into recreational space every week providing opportunities for children to play safely and have active presence in the city.

Formation of the Children’s Right Plaza

Breaking out of the stereotype that ‘children play on the playground and adults play on the square’, the Gunsan city made efforts to improve the awareness by setting up the Children’s Rights Square.

Creating a leisure facility together with children, adolescents and adults

Participation is the key aspect regarding the playground Langmatt. Whether it was during the planning, construction or now in its operation: children, adolescents, parents and neighbourhood residents are always involved.

Category 6: Child-friendly governance

CFC-Index: Dashboard monitoring children´s quality of life

The Child Friendly City Index for high-income countries gives local governments the opportunity to use evidence based approach to fulfil the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Break the Silence: End Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation!

The City Government of Zamboanga’s project “Break the Silence: End Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation” aims to end CSAE cases in the City and create protective environments for children.

Eco Parlamento

The Eco Parliament of Guimarães (EP) is a project, based on the principles of the participation of youngsters in democratic political decisions, which promotes an active reflection of students on the SDG Agenda.