Building a CFC: Assessment

Ideas for Developing A Situation Analysis

Child Friendly Cities Governance Checklist

CFC Assessment Database Tool

Self-Assessment Tool For Adolescents

Self-Assessment Tool for Children

Self-Assessment Tool for Community Service Providers and Child Advocates

Self-Assessment Tool for Pre-school Parents

Self-Assessment Tool For Primary School Parents

Self-Assessment Tool for Secondary School Parents

Place Standard Tool to Assess Places

Measuring and Monitoring Child Wellbeing and Inequality at the Local Level Replication Manual

Manual de réplica: Monitoreo local de bienestar e inequidades en la infancia (Spanish)

Belarus – CFCI Assessment Final Report

Belarus – Methodology for Calculating the CFC Index

Belize – Belize City Municipal Profile Report

Brazil – Municipal Seal of Approval Methodology Guide 2013 – 2016

Brazil – PCU Indicators (Portuguese)

Brazil – PCU Indicators 2017-2020 (English)

Brazil – Municipal Seal of Approval Social Impact Indicators and Systems Results

Canada – Dossier de candidature MAE allégé Quebec

Colombia – Proposed Indicators

France – Dashboard Questionnaire (French)

France – Application File (French)

Kazakhstan – CFCI Indicators – “Child Friendly Cities” Report

Mongolia – Indicators Measuring Results Framework

Mongolia – Local Governance Key Results

Council of Europe Child Participation Assessment Tool

Child-friendly Community Indicators – a Literature Review 2008

UK Government Impact Assessment Toolkit 2011

A qualitative GIS approach to mapping urban neighborhoods with children 2010