UNICEF Municipal Seal of Approval

The UNICEF Municipal Seal of Approval (Selo UNICEF) is an initiative to encourage municipalities in the Brazilian Semi-arid and Amazon regions to implement public policies that will reduce inequalities experienced by many children and adolescents living in these two particularly vulnerable regions of Brazil. The initiative also aims to promote the enforcement of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

While the initiative targets mostly small towns and rural areas, it also includes cities with populations above 100,000. The initiative has undergone four editions in total with increases in participation in each cycle. The current edition (2017-2020) involves the participation of over 1,900 municipalities.

The municipalities that enrol in the Seal commit themselves to undertaking, through a participatory process, a situational assessment of children and adolescents living in their communities, and to developing and implementing a Municipal Plan of Action to address the key issues affecting girls and boys with UNICEF’s assistance. Enrolled municipalities nominate a person to coordinate Seal activities in their municipalities. UNICEF then trains municipal managers, their teams and local duty-bearers on how to develop and implement effective public policies for children that will qualify the municipalities for the Seal and to encourage them to continue these efforts even after the Seal’s four year cycle has ended.

Over the course of each edition, UNICEF monitors and evaluates the performance of the participating municipalities in two main areas: public policy interventions to generate systemic results for children, and social impact indicators reflecting community progress in key areas of health, education, child protection, and participation. The Municipal Seal of Approval is awarded to municipalities that are able to put in place the required number of systemic results and perform better than the average of their peers with respect to indicators of social impact. The accreditation is valid for four years.

Capacity building is one of the most important steps in the UNICEF Municipal Seal of Approval cycle.

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Population: 207,653,000
Pop. under 18: 56,235,000


1,902 municipalities enrolled

Population under 18 in enrolled municipalities*: 16,509,147

623 municipalities enrolled
Population: 20,088,989
Pop. under 18*: 7,070,624

1,279 municipalities enrolled
Population: 30,170,582
Pop. under 18*: 9,438,523

*latest available estimates



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