Hey, kids! You have a very important role to play in making your city or community more child-friendly! You have the right to have your voice heard, to share your hopes for the place you live, as well as your concerns. And to have these matter. You have the right to influence the decisions that affect your lives. You can, for example:

  • Take part in surveys and questionnaires about the place you live – you have a unique insight into what works for you and what doesn’t.
  • Take part in local child and youth organizations or school groups that are involved in making your community or city more child-friendly.
  • Take part in more formal mechanisms such as school councils, child and youth councils and local youth parliaments.
  • Advocate on behalf of children whose voices may not be heard otherwise.
  • Use social media to make yourself heard and support campaigns that can improve your life in your city and community.

The adults are ultimately responsible for your well-being — but you also have a voice. Speak up!

Check out some examples of how children and youth participate in building a child-friendly city here and here.