Territorios Amigos de la Niñez(TAN), is an initiative started in 2016 and that, in Colombia, arises from the need to advance processes of technical accompaniment, as well as to value and stimulate the management efforts carried out by the territorial entities sustainably, accelerating progress in the protection of the rights of children and adolescents in each territory. This initiative is an articulated product between the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (ICBF), as the governing body of the Sistema Nacional de Bienestar Familiar (SNBF),  the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Save the Children Colombia Foundation (SCC), the Intersectoral Commission for Early Childhood – CIPI, the Presidency of the Republic, the National Planning Department – DNP and other key partners with presence in the territory such as FINDETER. UNICEF Colombia, has supported the adaptation of the initiative through a participatory process with local authorities, civil society agencies and children themselves have been consulted.

This strategy aims to recognize the efforts of the territories around sustainable development, putting children at the center of decisions. (I) Impact government actors, society and the family to engage and articulate management around children’s rights. (II) strengthen the management capacities of the public servants of the territories in order to fulfil their legal and constitutional responsibilities on the guarantee of children’s rights and gender equality. (III) Assess the concrete actions, carried out within the scope of their competences, listening to and incorporating the voices of children; (IV) Promote processes ofcontinuous, progressive and integral improvement of territories in the guarantee of children’s rights.

The strategy “Territorios Amigos de la Niñez” -TAN includes three key elements that must mobilize the actions of those who are part of the recognition process and which will be reflected later in the dimensions to be evaluated:

  1. There is a synergistic relationship between the integral development of the territory and the integral development of children and adolescents
  2. Effective participation of children and adolescents is an essential aspect for the transformation of the territory.
  3. Promoting and driving changes in the territory involves most actors or agents.

El Sistema Nacional de Bienestar Familiar and UNICEF Colombia, with the different partners of the strategy, implement for the first time and by 2019 “Territorios Amigos de la Niñez”, summoning 45 territoriesto be part of the process of recognitionas a Territory that advances to be a “Child Friendly Territory”.  This is a process of recognition, of the effort and commitment of those territories in Colombia, that put at the center of their decisions children and adolescents as part of their integral and sustainable development, supported in their own progress in each territory.

For this first version, the strategy of Territorios Amigos de la Niñez  (TAN- version 2019) emphasizes the advances and effort that the territories printed in the period from 2016 to 2019, in the three dimensions that structure it:

1. GUARANTEE OF CHILDREN’S RIGHTS, with an emphasis on:

  • Health – Nutrition
  • Violence prevention
  • Education

Social and economic development that points to social inclusion, with an emphasis on:

  • Equity and Inclusion

3. GOBERNANZA, with an emphasis on:

  • Regulatory and policy framework
  • Public accountability for children
  • Participation of children and adolescents in public management

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