The Child Friendly City Initiative (CFCI) in Germany was created in spring 2012 and is run by the “Kinderfreundliche Kommunen e.V.” association, a coordinating body set up by the German National Committee for UNICEF in partnership with the non-governmental organization Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk e.V.

The initiative aims to do two things: 1) raise awareness around the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN-CRC) with local administrations, politicians and the public including children in each municipality so that they are able to adjust their local child and youth policy accordingly; and 2) create room for the democratic participation of children and youth in the development of their municipality.

To help implement the UN-CRC, the CFCI coordinating body, in cooperation with experts, developed core questions containing standards that lead to a Child Friendly City. They are pooled in the four thematic areas: the “Best Interest of the Child”; “Regulatory Framework”; “Child Participation”; and “Information and Public Relations”, which are based on the nine building blocks of the global CFCI.

Currently, there are 21 German municipalities participating in the initiative. The whole project cycle in each municipality takes four years. At the beginning of the cycle the CFCI coordinating body carries out a comprehensive analysis of the municipality’s structure and child rights situation. The municipality then uses the results of the analysis to develop an action plan with the participation of children and youth.

During the three years of implementation of the action plan, the municipality is closely monitored and supported by the association as well as by external experts. At the end of the project cycle the municipality can extend the process for another three years, following the same procedures as in the first round.

Youth Parliament in Regensburg

© City of Regensburg

Population: 80,689,000
Pop. under 18: 12,769,000



CFCI Recognition:
• Cologne
• Hanau
• Regensburg
• Senftenberg
• Weil am Rhein
• Wolfsburg
• Algermissen
• Wedemark
• Remchingen
• Potsdam
• Oestrich-Winkel

In process:
• Bad Pyrmont
• Dormagen
• Eltville
• Garmisch Partenkirchen
• Maintal
• Mannheim
• Nauen
• Puchheim
• Stuttgart
• Taunusstein
• Weilerswist
• Witzenhausen
• Lampertheim


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