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On August 12, 2020, International Youth Day, an annual observance to celebrate young peoples’ voices, actions and meaningful, equitable engagement, UNICEF USA launched the Child Friendly Cities Initiative in the United States. Houston, TX; San Francisco, CA; Minneapolis, MN and Prince George’s County, MD have partnered with UNICEF USA in this effort as the first cohort of cities and the first county to implement an ambitious, two-year process toward recognition as a UNICEF Child Friendly City or County.

In pursuit of recognition as a Child Friendly City or County, government officials and community leaders, including children and youth in Houston, Minneapolis, San Francisco and Prince George’s County will conduct a situation analysis of child well-being in each city/county. Based on these findings, they will implement an action plan that prioritizes the best interests of children and youth within their local policies. CFCI will empower leaders to address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and system racism on children, work to combat discrimination and elevate their voices in local governance and decision making.

This initiative will draw on the strengths of existing local efforts across the United States to improve child well-being, while bringing to bear UNICEF USA’s ability to provide technical expertise, convening power, a globally recognized brand, and a diverse network of dedicated volunteers to build a non-partisan movement in the U.S. to secure the rights of every child to a safe, healthy and happy childhood.


Contact at UNICEF

Danielle Goldberg
Focal point CFCI
Director, Advocacy and Engagement


Population: 329,227,734 (2020)
Pop. under 18: 74,181,467 (2010)

Source: U.S. Census

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